Javascript to Redirect a Drop Down List (select)


You can redirect using an html select without having to place it in a form, or have the user press a button. The user only needs to change the value.

Check out the following code that you can copy and paste into an html file and take for a test drive:


<title>Drop Down List Redirect</title>


<select onchange="top.location.href = ''
+ this.options[ this.selectedIndex ].value" >
<option value="">None</option>
<option value="cute+dogs">Cute Dogs</option>
<option value="lasers+beams">Laser Beams</option>
<option value="kitty+cat">Kitty Cat</option>


Breaking down the javascript code into more understandable chunks gives:

// 'this' points to the select object after change the item in the drop down list.
var drop_down = this;

// drop_down.selectedIndex contains the position of the item that was selected from the drop down
var selected_index = drop_down.selectedIndex;

// drop_down.options contains all of html option elements inside the html select
// we need to go to .value to get the 'value="something"' written in the HTML
var selected_value = drop_down.options[ selected_index ].value;

// changing top.location.href redirects ( unless you only append #blah )
top.location.href = '' + selected_value

I hope you guys find this helpful!



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