Restaurant City: Collaborative Gifts Generator V3.0



you can download it here

to be able to use it you need to do the following
1- setup fiddler crossdomain.xml in the auto responder as in the following pic

setting Fiddler use this rule if match
then use this
2- make sure your browser uses fiddler
3-Become fan of my page

if you do not do the above steps correctly you will get Security error
Note on the new RC generator
1- V3 tokens is completely different then older versions you can not use it on the old versions and you can not use tokens generated by old version
2- unlike older versions , token generated by outdated item id will cause error 500 so make sure you generate tokens using ids that are on the current gifting menu .for this reason , I set the default to 40000072 , you can change this any value and save it on your pc so that you do not need to type it each time you load the tool. also item id will be included in the token so that you know the id used to generate the token. invalid token will be skipped and you should not share skipped tokens only failed or successful
3- unlike older version , you can not use your own token !!!
4- make sure you copy the token from token to &&&&
5- gifts will not be on your inbox , they will go directly to the chest
6- you will receive a reward gift each time someone uses your token
7- unfortunately you can not convert token as before

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